Cruise Humor and Opinions

Hey, cruising is fun so let's laugh along with some of our editors who possess a bent sense of humor. And, see if you agree with some of our opinions - pro or con?
Cruise Ship Bill of Rights?
Sen. Chas. Schumer asks for cruise "Bill of Rights." The facts, your rights and advice if your ship cruise goes bad.

Carnival Triumph - What Really Happened?
An in-depth interview with an experienced cruiser who lived through the Triumph disaster

Kuki Blog Update! How Cruise Packing Has Changed
Relaxing dress codes, weight restrictions and fees by the airlines and self disembarkation have significantly reduced the amount of cruise luggage. Go> 11-20-12

Cruise Lines Fight Agent Discounts
But the buyer will benefit with more clarity in cruise pricing

Time to Raise the Bar on Cruise Ships?
The time for the conversation on whether it should be made impossible to go overboard has arrived

Cruise Conceptions - Myths, Lies or the Truth?
by Tim Rubacky Many of the things non-cruisers believe about cruising are not exactly accurate

Middle Eastern Ports of Call
With Anti-American sentiment growing, the question is whether local authorities can keep us safe

Secret Confessions of Cruise Ship Crew Members
What is it really like to live and work on a cruise ship? We look at the reality of "ship life."

Political Cruises for 2012
Have your own political ideas heard by the most popular political pundits on television.

Carnival Stops Deck Chair Hogs Fleetwide
Carnival takes a new a system to recover deck chairs from people who save them surreptitiously fleetwide

The Truth About Single Cruising
You can find romance on the high seas as long as your looking in all the right places.

Norwegian Cruise Line Twitter Cruise
Norwegian Cruise Line tests the tumultuous waters of a Twitter social media cruise.

Cruise Ships Under Attack!
Part two. These articles are about MEDIA SENSATIONALISM - hence the title. Don't be alarmed! 5-30-07
Cruise Ships Under Attack!
News Flash! Media reports nationwide have cruise ships under attack! Cruise ship travel means possible peril to life and limb.
Cruise Ship Security
Cruise Security Update: Ports and ships are better-protected today than ever.
21st Century Cruising!
With our seventh anniversary, staff and reader's memories and impressions on the world of cruising today.
Shipboard Menu Management
Kuki becomes food and beverage director for a day on Norwegian Dawn.
"Save the Waves" Ecology
Our Cruise Director learns how a ship can process and eliminate tons of waste and garbage.
The Art of the Deal
Kuki sits on the other side of the blackjack table aboard Island Princess.
Packing Tips For Real Men
Kuki discusses his personal packing tips for a cruise vacation.

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