Cruisemates Bon Voyage - Who is Cruising this Week?
today=now(); verb=ArrayNew(1); verb[1]="sails away on the smoothest seas on"; verb[2]="departs with the lightest of hearts aboard"; verb[3]="leaves cares behind upon"; verb[4]="hoists the anchor of"; verb[5]="embarks on journeys yet to be discovered by"; verb[6]="waves farewell to rest of us from the decks of"; verb[7]="begins the story of a lifetime upon the "; verb[8]="walks the gangway towards"; verb[9]="leaves the rest of us to the daily grind upon"; verb[10]="casts away with"; Randomize(Second(today)*Minute(today));

Bon Voyage!    --    #DateFormat(today,"mm/dd/yyyy")#
Please join us as we bid a fond adieu to the following
CruiseMates readers who are off on a cruise this week:

To get listed in our Bon Voyage Party - sign up in our "Meet on Board" Database.

select personals.ship,[User].username,[User].firstName,[User].email from personals inner join [User] on personals.userID=[User].UserID where personals.sailDate like '%#DateFormat(d1,"m/dd/yy")#%' weekday=DayOfWeekAsString(DayOfWeek(d1)); whatDay=DateDiff("d",today,d1); switch(whatDay) { case 0:day="Today";break; case 1:day="Tomorrow";break; case 2: case 3: case 4: case 5: case 6:day=weekday;break; case 7:day="Next " & weekday;break; case 8:day="A Week from Tomorrow";break; default:day="A Week from " & weekday;break; }

#name# #verb[index]# the #ship#.

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